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    Many churches have volunteers who serve some type of capacity within worship arts, such as:  musicians, vocalists, dancers, etc.   What does it mean to be a faithful servant in worship arts at your church?

    This PowerPoint presentation could be used pre-or-post for a church service or perhaps digital picture frames between services or during an evening or week-end seminar involving the practicing and/or training of worship art volunteers.  Digital frames are a flexible and a low cost way to communicate your message in other venues, such as:  fellowship hall, coffee area, library, church office, etc.

    In Christ we serve.


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    Serving at your church in Worship Arts – What does it mean? – Essentials in Worship Leading (June 2011)

    1. Great job Garth! I loved the colors and images you used. Mixed in with God’s word it is very refreshing. Thank you.

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